Cool Cache Farms LLC
Address: 47110 Autumn Rd Kenai, AK, 99611-9600
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Phone: 907-741-0204
About Us
Cool Cache Farms LLC is a Vegetable, Rhubarb and Peony Farm Located North of the city of Kenai. We specialize in Peony Cut Flowers and roots. However having been raised on diversified farms in Eastern Washington State we know the value of "NOT having all your eggs in one basket!" We produce a wide variety of Alaska Grown products. We are offering Vegetable starts this spring, and will follow with freshly harvested vegetables as the season progresses May, through September.

Wayne and I come from farm backgrounds, and studied Agriculture at Washington State University. I graduated with a BS in Agriculture and Wayne graduated with a degree in Agricultural Education. In 2011, growing peonies provided a way we could follow our passion. We cut down our two and a half acres of forest to start a boutique farm. We now produce wonderful duck and chicken eggs, radishes, onions, fresh beans, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, turnips, lettuce, spinach, carrots, potatoes, kohlrabi, broccoli, cabbage, celery, rhubarb, and of course our beautiful PEONIES for your events and your homes. During the Summer months I produce fresh value added products to include: spiced dilly beans, pickled beets, refrigerator dill and sweet pickles, and rhubarb jams and syrups. Dandelion lotions bars, and Chickweed salve are offered in limited quantities. You will see us at Central Peninsula Summer markets and community events that welcome Farmers.
We grow our products naturally in our cool Alaskan soils. Our duck and goose flocks wander the peony fields eating bugs, slugs and grass. Our peony flowers grow freely between groomed natural grass walkways. In the garden areas we utilize ground cloth to cut down on weeds among the vegetables. We cover our root vegetables with a floating row cover to stop damage by root insects to our radishes, turnips, and beets.
With these natural practices we do not need to utilize chemical insecticides or herbicides on our plants. We use our ducks to control insects in our peony fields. Though we do use commercial fertilizer, we also use compost when possible. We fertilize following guidelines provided by NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service). Our farm is visited by a Soil Scientist from UAF and a Peony specialist from WSU on a yearly basis. We participate in plant and soil studies from each of these Universities whenever we are asked. Our fields are fenced to keep predators from our poultry and moose from our vegetables and flowers. Our fields and high tunnels are drip irrigated with supplemental overhead watering as needed. We employ 10 seasonal workers contributing to our local economy.