All Dahlia'd Up Flower Farm LLC
Contact: Misty VanderWeele
Address: PO Box 4124 Palmer, AK, 99645
Email Address:
Phone: 907-232-4580
About Us
All Dahlia'd Up Flower Farm founded in 2014; is a small family run farm located in the middle of the agriculture hub of Alaska called the Matanuska Valley 45 mins north of Anchorage. We grow our award winning blooms on just over a quarter acre surrounded by mountains and wide open vegetable fields of the famous Vanderweele Farm. We offer seasonal cut flowers (July-First Frost) for Market, Business Subscription, Florist, the DIY and NEW this year, the Alaska Food Hub.
We LOVE our state and our families and choose to focus on Safe, sustainable and re-usable farming practices.
-For fertilization, bone meal, fish emulsion, compost tea applications and other safe natural methods.
-For weed control we rely heavily on re-usable landscape fabric and good old fashion "by hand" wedding.
-Pest control neem oil treatments and other insecticidal soaps. For any slug pressure a safe product called Slug'O is our friend. Although we've been known to bait them with beer and you guessed it by hand removal. VERY minimal pesticides are used only when cut worms are a threat. Other than that keeping our plants healthy in the number one defense.