Four Tern Farm
Address: 10100 E Tern Dr Palmer, AK, 99645
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Phone: 907-240-0713
About Us

Four Tern Farm is a farm with a vision. Alaska is dead last is agricultural production in America. Almost everything most Alaskans eat was grown elsewhere, loaded on a barge, and hauled to Alaska. We aren't just here to grow food - we are here to change the way food is grown in Alaska. We have thrown out everything we were told about agriculture in Alaska. When most farms are just beginning to plant we are already harvesting. When most farms are done for the season we are seeding our cold tolerant fall crops. Other farms have equipment that needs repair; we don't own a tractor or even a gas powered rototiller. Farming is our passion, food is our passion, and, above all, Alaska is our passion. We are rewriting the rules at our farm to recreate Alaska's food system to be healthier, fresher, tastier, and more sustainable. Join us as we change how Alaskans eat, one salad at a time.
We grow a large amount of produce on a tiny amount of land. Our entire farm is only 1.8 acres, and we cultivate less than one quarter of an acre. Everything we sell is grown here. We aren't certified organic. We are better than organic - we do this without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicies of any sort. Our primary focus is on soil health; instead of worrying about growing food we worry about building soil. The food we produce wants to grow. Our job is to give it a home. By building healthy, living soil and using basic season extension techniques we can grow an amazing amount of produce in a region where most people say farming can't be profitable. Best of all? Because of our scale and our philosophy of working with nature we do all of this without a tractor.