TNT Organic Compost
Contact: Fritz Miller
Address: 43850 Ross Dr. Soldotna, AK, 99669
Email Address:
Phone: 907-398-8851
About Us
Tustumena Natural Thunder (TNT) Organic Compost was first established in 2010. Our goal is to supply the Kenai Peninsula with a pure, organic, micronutrient rich medium, perfect for all the growing needs of both experienced and novice gardeners (i.e vegetables, flowers, & plants of all varieties). Our compost has been specifically designed to be marketed as a fresh, locally sourced, renewable, ready-to-plant medium.
*Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed.
*Nutrient content provided by Brookside
*Is an Alaskan Grown product.
*Has been aged for two years.
*Provides great ventilation.
*Screened to one-half inch consistency.
*Retains water and does not contain pearlite or
other holding additives.
*Rich micronutrients provide a great growing
medium for 2-3 yrs. with crop rotation.