Wild Wellness Farm
Address: 37142 Ilene Drive Anchor Point, AK, 99556
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Phone: 907-519-5750
About Us
Wild Wellness Farm is a permaculture demonstration farm. We believe that nurturing relationships, growing food as medicine, and healing the Earth’s soils is the most important work we can be doing. Our mission is to empower people to deepen their relationship with the source of their food. We believe that by being apart of sustainable bioregional food production, and regenerating ecological systems, we catalylze a future that is full of abundance wellness and diversity. Our farm is 1.6 acres in the Hidden Hills. We grow a variety of fruit trees/shrubs and vegetables to make our ferments. We humanely raise chickens to produce eggs for our home and community.
We implement no dig market gardening practices using only organic compost to feed the soil food web. We do not use any petrochemical products or biocides on our farm. Our chickens are pasture raised and eat a healthy diet of bugs,plants, and certified organic feed. We allow nature to do most of the work for us. We are practicing regenerative agriculture and actively focus on building the quality of our soil structure sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and designing diversity and resiliency into our farm systems.