Upstream Sanctuary
Contact: Aaron and Karianna
Address: PO BOX 1742 Homer, AK, 99603
Email Address:
Phone: 206-403-8017
About Us
We are a husband and wife of multi-racial descent who operate a small home garden located on 5 1/2 acres. Our garden-farm is one part potager, one part small market garden nestled high in the rolling hills above the scenic Anchor River Valley, traditional Sugpiaq and Denaina Land. This is our 5th year growing produce and flowers, 3rd year providing garden shares locally and our 2nd year tending to our garden at our new North Fork home.

Some of our seasonal offerings include: staple vegetables, duck eggs, culinary and tea herbs, cut flowers and more.
Focused on equity and sustainability, we're committed to growing food and flowers that are good for the soil and soul. Our growing practices and philosophy are a synthesis of nature’s rhythms and environmentally friendly principles. Our goal is to manage nutrient cycles and reinforce the existing soil food web through all local inputs. These tenets of working in partnership and reciprocity with the land make a lot of practical and spiritual sense, informing all that we do at home in our gardens.
We do all the gardening and farm chores together while each working full-time year-round jobs in the service industry. Gardening connects us to our creativity, community, identity, lost heritage, family history and land based knowledge.

We honour and acknowledge that much of what we know and are learning about these brilliant growing practices are all greatly based on Afro-Indigenous agricultural frameworks exploited by white colonialism through the harmful legacy of land theft and dispossession.

We seek to reduce these harms from being perpetuated in our own garden by sharing a percentage of our sales each season and distributing these funds to BIPOC grassroots organizations both locally and across the country. These solidarity funds will go towards preserving heritage, history and culture for marginalized communities while furthering education and farming programs for people within the agricultural sphere.

You can visit our website at to learn more about what is "cropping up" at Upstream.