Upstream Gardens
Contact: Aaron and Karianna Ford
Address: PO BOX 1742 Homer, AK, 99603
Email Address:
Phone: 206-403-8017
About Us
Located on picturesque Kachemak Bay between the sea and rolling hills on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, Upstream Gardens is nestled out East in the green garden bench of Homer, Alaska.

This is traditional Sugpiaq and Denaina Land.

All in all, we are simply the delighted caretakers of the awesome creative energies at work here in our little world. We are incredibly grateful for the abundance presented to us to here and are looking forward to another growing season. This is our third year providing garden shares locally.

To have the opportunity to double our happiness’s by sharing them with others is a beautiful thing!
Our goals and practices are a synthesis of nature’s rhythms and environmentally friendly principles. These tenets of working in partnership and reciprocity with the land make a lot of practical and spiritual sense and informs all that we do.

We only use heirloom, open pollinated seeds and build our soils with strictly organic practices. We believe diversity is beautiful, and so is compost!

Some of our seasonal offerings include: tomatoes, chili peppers, beets, radishes, garlic, sugar snap peas, mustard greens, cabbages, carrots, onions, squash, herbs and more!

You can visit our website at to see what else is "cropping up" at Upstream.

Thank you.