Eagle Glade Farm LLC
Contact: Louise Heite and Steve Dahl
Address: PO Box 1199 52400 Blueberry Ave Kenai, AK, 99611
Email Address:
Phone: 907-227-1813
About Us
We are committed to producing the very best fresh produce that we can. Our salad blend, garlic, onions, and other vegetables will delight your palate and inspire your secret master chef!

Eagle Glade Farm LLC is the fulfilment of a lifetime dream to live close to nature and to farm. About ten years ago, we started looking for a piece of land. The first time we saw this property, we followed a path to a clearing in the woods around a small kettle pond. An eagle was circling the clearing. The scene stole our hearts, and we both knew that this was where we wanted to settle down for the rest of our lives. We wanted to live in the glade with the eagle.

We spent the next ten years slowly clearing part of the property and building a small house and other necessary infrastructure. We moved to Eagle Glade in March of 2015, and made our first sales that summer. The farm is our main job, although we both supplement our farm production with part-time jobs.

We are located off Miller Loop, at the end of Blueberry Avenue. Early on we had some growing pains including a misadventure with sheep that we were not ready for, and a spectacularly muddy road to travel, but these are to be expected. The road has now been fixed, the sheep is in a new home and very happy, and we have four little high tunnels up and running and a big one under construction. The garlics, sorrel, peas, and rhubarb are up, and the onions and potatoes are in the ground.
Sustainability is our guiding principle. We start with the soil, using only organic techniques and natural amendments, and we care for our produce with an artisan level of skill and care. Every bed is inspected daily. Where appropriate, the gentlest of hand gardening techniques are used to keep the beds clean, happy, and productive. We like to think that we are working to help Mother Nature do what she does so well - grow beautiful plants.

We specialize in fine greens and salad mixes, garlic, onions, cabbage, potatoes, and culinary herbs. Most of our crops are grown outdoors, but a few do benefit from the protection of small cold houses, row covers, and other season extension techniques.

Visitors are welcome, we only ask that you call first to save yourself a useless trip in case we are not home.