Alaska Food Hub
Address: 3734 Ben Walters Ln Kenai Peninsula, AK, 99603
Email Address:
Phone: 907-235-4068
About Us
The Alaska Food Hub provides marketing, aggregation, and distribution of Alaska Grown produce, seafood, shellfish, flowers, crafts, and more, direct from local producers!

Pick-up locations in Homer, Ninilchik, Seldovia, & Soldotna.
*95% of Alaska’s food is currently imported. Purchasing local food supports local farms, increases our region’s food security, protects the environment, creates jobs and boosts the local economy.

*Convenient for buyers to source fresher (often picked the day before it reaches the customer), better tasting products direct from local farms with an online marketplace, with easy payment, and central pick-up locations in Homer and Soldotna.

*Opens up new opportunities for producers to sell directly with businesses and institutional buyers who seek local products, and who purchase large volumes of food, but may not typically shop at farmers markets or farm stands.

*Provides shared marketing and infrastructure for local farms to increase sales, reduce costs and waste, and decrease carbon footprint of importing from outside of Alaska.

*Transparent from farm to table – the Alaska Food Hub ensures that products are traceable to the producer. Customers can pick who they purchase from.

*Equitable to farmers who are empowered to develop and maintain direct customer relationships, negotiate their own prices and nurture business growth for their own farms.