Krafted on the Kenai
Address: 37635 Harbin Ave. Sterling, AK, 99672
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Phone: 907-394-3025
About Us
We pickle delicious sweet Alaskan onions by hand in Sterling, Alaska, using apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt, and a unique blend of 9 different spices. These onions are amazingly tasty, and make a great addition to a salad, on a sandwich, or just straight from the jar. Try them with a nice sharp cheddar and a hoppy pale ale for a sublime combination! We also pickle garlic with spices, dried chiles, and fresh jalapeno slices. It’s hot and delicious!
NEW IN 2019! We are now offering handmade, naturally fermented hot sauces! Try our Howell’s Hot Sauce #1 for a fiery hit of peppers and garlic, while our Howell’s Hot Sauce #2 provides a more refined splash of peppery goodness. Each sauce is made in the traditional manner, by fermenting a mash consisting of only peppers, garlic, and sea salt.