Moonstone Farm
Contact: Michelle and David Church
Address: 2141 S Church Street Palmer, AK, 99645
Email Address:
Phone: 907-354-1887
About Us
Moonstone Farm is a family run farm located on the original homestead of David's grandparents, John and Julia Church, who immigrated from Wisconsin during the colonization of the Mat Su Borough in 1935. Moonstone Farm is a seasonal business offering sustainably grown, chemical free vegetables, herbs, peonies, eggs, chickens and turkeys as well as value added products such as compost and delicious pickled vegetables. We grow brome hay on our farm for sale to livestock owners as well as haying other smaller farms in the local area. The rich agricultural history of the area and the direct connection to the 1935 colonist settlers make our farm an attraction for agri-tourism and we participate in local farm tour opportunities.
Our produce and herbs are grown using strictly chemical free, sustainable practices. We develop our own compost on site and utilize that, along with fish bone meal and seaweed extracts, as our source of fertilizers. Crop rotation aids in keeping pests at bay. Our peony flowers are also grown using only non chemical practices.