Sweet Berries
Contact: Marsha Rouggly
City: Homer, AK, 99603
Email Address:
Phone: 907-235-2973
About Us
Marsha's "Sweet Berries" has been making jams and jellies at the Homer Farmers Market for 20 years. She has a wide variety of flavors: some foraged in the wild, others grown under the Alaskan sun, and all made with love from her kitchen.

Located 9 miles out East on a small plat with lots going on! The high tunnel, garden beds, flowers, bees, raspberries, chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs and more.
The jams and jellies contain sugar to insure their shelf stability before being opened. These jars could stay sealed for years on your shelf but we dare you try and make a jar last longer than a week... If a product is labeled "Wild Alaska" that means we foraged for the flower or berry in nature. If the product is labeled "Alaskan Grown" it means it came from our, or someone local's, garden. And if it is "Made in Alaska" that means some of the fruit may have been sourced commercially but the conception, experimenting, and love is crafted in Marsha's kitchen; make sure to load up on the spicy jams- ya'll are going to miss your samples this year!

*We never use chemicals or artificial fertilizers.*