Sweetwater Hill
Contact: Anna Liljedahl & Marcus Mueller
Address: PO Box 1854 Homer, AK, 99603
Email Address:
Phone: 907-799-9780
About Us
We want to bring the Homer sun to you in winter. The name of our farm, Sweetwater Hill, represents the taste of the cool delicious spring water emerging from earth into our wildflower gully at 1400ft at the head of Kachemak Bay. We can't imagine a better summer drink to make your veggies grow! We feed the garden soils our own compost with scraps of salmon and halibut caught in Kachemak Bay, our own old hay bales, and wood chips from beetle-killed spruce. In 2023 we will build root cellars at our remote off-grid off-road homestead so we can bring you local food off-season. Fall 2022 is a soft start for us in the Alaska Food Hub and we look forward to the years ahead!
No chemical fertilizers or amendments. We want grow not only veggies but also soil and utilize as much local resources as possible. Summer 2022 was our first year opening up a small portion of the millennia aged grassland to no-till farming techniques. We plan to continue the expansion in the year's ahead, growing root vegetables and deliver into town in winter months when our wetland travels are easy and town thin on stored local summer sun.