Alaska Stems
Contact: Rachel Lord & Ben Gibson
Address: 602 Shellfish Ave Homer, AK, 99603
Email Address:
Phone: 907-435-7209
About Us
Alaska Stems is a locally-owned flower farm and design studio. Rachel and Ben grow over 40 varieties of cut flowers for sale at local markets and for use in Rachel’s natural and elegant designs for weddings and events. We started selling flowers, vegetables, and herbs in 2011, after we added a large high tunnel to our home garden. Our love of flowers was solidified that year when delivering our first bouquets. There is no denying that fresh, local flowers light up not only a room, but the people in that room. This is soul food, and it is brilliant to witness and foster in our community! Since then, we have focused exclusively on growing flowers and floral design work.
We are a family farm - we keep our kids in mind with all of our growing practices, keeping them natural and safe. We use all natural fertilizers (including fish emulsion and kelp meal), and minimize our use of pesticides (even the organic ones can be yucky!). For pest control we do use soaps, Neem oil, and beneficial insects such as ladybugs. We focus on maintaining healthy plants that can defend themselves!