Wilder Supply Company
Address: 16641 N Permanenti Rd Sutton, AK, 99674
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Phone: 907-745-1125
About Us
Wilder Supply Company is an Alaskan owned and operated manufacturer of soap and quality skin care products. We are located in the Matanuska Valley tucked away in Chickaloon, AK. Our shop is off the beaten path near Permanenti Trail and today we happily power it with an off the grid, solar powered system.

The WSC story began in the 1990's. As a challenging experiment, my son Jordan and I began cooking soap to see if we could actually mix fats and lye into something that was useable. Today, soap is one of the leading products we ship to the lower 48 and around the world. My daughter and her husband joined the process in 2016. Along with running their own graphic design company, Courtney and Bryan are involved with us in product manufacturing and design work.

During the early hobby years, we made thousands of bars of soap and for a long time that was our big deal. Today we have added additional products ranging from lip balm, custom essential oil blends, to body and face moisturizing oils. Along the way we have not forgotten our primary job. That is, to offer products both effective and enjoyable to use for basic and advanced skin care. The process demands that we use our experience with plant materials, oils and butters, aquiring the best raw material for the job and handcrafting it all into a finished product that gives you satisfaction when using it. Our most popular products are the fragrance free options used by people who have sensitive skin or get overwhelmed by strong, synthetic fragrancing oil.