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City Bear Bread
Contact: Scott Livingston
Address: @ Wild Honey Bistro 106 W Bunnell Ave, Unit B Homer, AK, 99603
Phone: 773-504-4043
About Us
City Bear Bread is a small, artisan bakery located in Homer, AK and specializing in naturally fermented (aka "sourdough") breads and pastries.
Unless otherwise noted, all items are 100% sourdough preparation (no commercial yeast), from scratch using our starter, Maggie. Making bread this way takes a lot longer (2-4 days depending on what is being made), but the extra time is totally worth it. Not only does naturally fermented bread taste great, but it's a lot easier to digest. Many people who have gluten sensitivity are able to enjoy our bread without any issues.

While it can sometimes be a challenge out here at the end of the road, City Bear Bread is committed to using the highest quality ingredients available for our breads and pastries. We source our ingredients locally whenever possible as well, including Alaskan grown barley, local honey, and farm fresh fruits, berries, and other local produce when in season.