Twitter Creek Gardens
Contact: Emily Garrity
Address: 39377 Woodman Ln N Homer, AK, 99603
Email Address:
Phone: 907-299-4717
About Us
Twitter Creek Gardens is a nine acre micro-farm located on the South side of Lookout Mountain. We cultivate one and a half acres of vegetables in a bio-intensive fashion, with a concentration on soil health. We grow close to 50 different types of vegetables and herbs with several varieties of each.

We market through the following venues; CSA memberships, restaurant sales, Farmers Markets, and most recently, an online food hub. We are dedicated to providing high quality, nutrient dense food to our community, and are continually involved in outreach and education within the local food movement.
We utilize animal rotations, cover cropping, compost, natural amendments, and diversified crop planting to ensure living soils. Though we are not certified Organic, our growing techniques far exceed the USDA Organic standard.