Secret Garden Alaska
Address: 67920 Tall Tree Avenue Anchor Point, AK, 99556
Email Address:
Phone: 907-435-4181
About Us
We are a young family with who grow fruit and vegetables on roughly 2 acres in Happy Valley. We have a 30 x 48 foot high tunnel and plenty of outdoor space. We cultivate plants from seed to table and do our best to harvest local plants as well. This is our third year as a business, so please pardon our rookie mistakes as we dial in our farm and our delivery process.
We refuse to use unhealthy chemicals and choose to live symbiotically with our plant and animal neighbors. We have laying hens and we use their manure, minimal till techniques, use biodynamic preparations, organic fertilizers, and lots of love. We rotate crops, collect rainwater, add compost, and live and work off grid. The majority of our work is done by hand. Our focus is to grow food for our growing family while selling the excess.