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Kenai Reindeer Farm
Address: PO Box 8402 Niksiki, AK, 99635
Phone: 907-690-2480
About Us
We are a fun-loving farm family who love what we do and all our critters.

Our most treasured member of our farm is Scene of the Crash (you know the that ran over Grandma?) the reindeer. He has been with us for 12 years now. He was our first reindeer and most beloved by us and our community. As a senior citizen now, we are doing all we can to make his twilight years comfortable and fun. Joining Crash are the breeding female reindeer cows, Dancer, Olive (the other reindeer), Silver Belle (Belle for short) and Pippi (for Pippi Longstocking who had crazy hair like Pippi’s crazy antler). Rounding out the current line-up in Alex or AR for short. He was named after a local artist Alex Rydlinski who witnessed and created an amazing painting of his birth on a cold night in Fairbanks. Our herd is ever changing as calves are born and sold.

Currently we are selling pieces of the reindeer antlers as dog chews. As time allows, we will be expanding our antler product line.

In addition to reindeer we have bee hives and chickens. The bees feast on our neighbor’s garden and all the natural flowers and trees around us, including fireweed. Each year’s harvest is just a bit different depending on the weather. The chickens provide us with many colorful eggs which usually are gobbled up by the grandkids. Occasionally we will have extra to sell.