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About Us
Naturally Fermented Alaska Vegetables - Delicious, Full of Goodness, Local

Evie’s Brinery produces naturally fermented salads, sauerkrauts and kimchi using fresh Alaska-grown vegetables. Above all our foods are delicious; they are also GMO-free, contain organic and/or non-chemical grown ingredients, raw, vinegar-free, and rich in probiotics. We make Alaska vegetables even more tasty, nourishing and easy to serve. Always fresh & full of probiotic goodness!

Evie's Brinery grew from my decades-long, annual ritual of naturally fermenting my family’s own Alaska-grown garden vegetables. For years I only made the spicy kimchi, based on a recipe learned from an old friend. The kimchi provided both a great way to preserve an abundance of garden cabbage, carrots, turnips and other veggies, as well as a winter’s worth of delicious, nutrient-dense and very convenient lunch salads. I was hooked!

As my understanding of both nutrition and traditional food preservation grew, I saw a beautiful convergence. One of the oldest and safest food preservation methods I was already practicing is also at the cutting edge of our understanding of how to best support a healthy digestive system. Hook, line and sinker!

At Evie’s Brinery we make our products using traditional lactic acid fermentation (also known as lacto-fermentation or natural fermentation) used for centuries throughout the world. In support of our regional food system we buy our Alaska Grown vegetables from family farms and sell our products only within Alaska. Above all our foods are delicious; they are also GMO-free, contain organic and/or non-chemical grown ingredients, raw, vinegar-free, and rich in probiotics.

Lactic acid fermentation relies on beneficial cultures – similar to those used to make yogurt or sourdough bread – to break down natural sugars in the vegetables and produce a variety of healthful substances, primarily lactic acid. The process begins with fresh, nutrient-rich vegetables, naturally bearing lactic acid cultures on their surfaces (making starter cultures or inoculants unnecessary). We wash, then chop or slice the vegetables and mix them with mineral rich Himalayan salt. The salt acts to draw out juices, preserve the vegetables while the fermentation gets started, and regulate the fermentation process itself. We pack the mixture into air-tight fermentation barrels which we keep at room temperature for 1-6 weeks (depending on many factors, including temperature, moisture of the raw vegetable, amount of salt used, and thickness of the cut).

During this time, cultures transform the fresh vegetables into pickles by converting sugars to lactic acid, acetic acid, carbon dioxide, and other beneficial substances. It is the lactic acid that is primarily responsible for preserving the vegetables, as well as creating the wonderful flavor and aroma of traditional pickles.
We sample & taste every batch during fermentation to determine when it tastes just right! Once finished, we put the ferments in jars, which we store under refrigeration to slow the fermentation and where they will remain preserved for two years or more.