Hansen Heritage Homestead
Contact: Austin Hansen
Address: PO BOX 7402 Niskiski , AK, 99635
Phone: 907-513-7170
About Us
Hansen Heritage Homestead is owned by Austin and Lisa Hansen alongside them are their beloved dogs, Roscoe & Gunnar. The Homestead is located in remote Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula. The Hansen’s primary focus is on raising heritage poultry and sheep; whilst working closely with The Livestock Conservancy to preserve heritage breeds from extinction. They also have a large garden where Austin thrives, growing as many heirloom varieties of food as they can. Besides working on the property, you can also find the two of them out in the Alaskan wilderness that borders their homestead wildcrafting.
Their self-sufficient lifestyle includes preserving food they grow, wildcrafting, baking with sourdough, crafting homemade meads, and ciders, and living with the land. Austin and Lisa have social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube where they share their Alaskan Homestead journey with the world.
At Hansen Heritage Homestead, we love working with our hands, cultivating the natural bounty of the land, and caring for our animals. With service as a foundational value in our family, we strive to provide excellent service to our community in all that we do. We are careful stewards of our resources and take a conservation approach to our homestead, which helps keep costs down for our customers. We employ ethical farming practices to return to the basics of family, community, and hard work.