Magic Masala
Contact: Jen Chauvet
Address: PO Box 1538 Homer, AK, 99603
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Phone: 907-299-4489
About Us
Magic Masala creates high-quality tea and spice blends inspired by the colors, flavors, aromas, and diversity of Indian culture and cuisine. We specialize in authentic, traditional masala chai (spiced black tea) and also offer creative spice blends, an herbal version of our beloved traditional masala chai, and custom blends upon request. Our products are lovingly ground and hand-blended from whole, organic, and healthful ingredients. We never add anything "extra" - no synthetic preservatives (the spices are naturally-preserving), no salt, no color-enhancers, no nothing scary that shouldn't be there. Only 100% natural-ness, wholesomeness, and full-power awesomeness. Plus, beaucoup love.

Our blends are ground in small batches, on demand. All of our products are shelf-stable, and will maintain their flavor and freshness for many months when stored properly. For best results, the Magic Masala Walli recommends keeping your teas and spices in airtight containers away from light, heat, and moisture.

Life is Magic. Your food should be too. Namaste and Hari Om.
Magic Masala's tea and spice blends are lovingly hand-blended from whole and organic ingredients in Homer, AK.