Luba's Garden
Contact: Karson (Dan) & Luba Dorvall
Address: PO Box 5022 65278 Nikolaevsk Rd. Nikolaevsk, AK, 99556
Email Address:
Phone: 907-235-5983
About Us
Nestled in the quiet community of Nikolaevsk. What started out as a large family garden back in the late 1960's and passed down by Luba's parents,(hence the name Luba's Garden)where we continue to produce high quality vegetables and produce for nearly 50 years.
At Luba's Garden, we use natural fertilizers such as chicken, steer manure and compost, along with soil amendments, ( fish, bone, blood meals and green sand).We also keep our corps healthy by using a crop rotation program that keeps our soils healthy producing high quality products. Pest control is accomplished through natural methods. Using primarily beneficial nematodes and Lady bugs.