Tyonek Garden
Contact: Tyonek Tribal Conservation District
Address: 1689 C St. Suite 219 Anchorage, AK, 99501-5131
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Phone: 907-646-3110
About Us
The Tyonek Garden is located on the West side of the Cook Inlet in the remote Native Village of Tyonek and is focused on elders, youth, education, sustainability, and health. Since 2012 the Tyonek Garden has been a cooperative project between the Tyonek Tribal Conservation District (TTCD) and the Native Village of Tyonek (NVT).

The original goals were to enhance food security and provide fresh organic vegetables for the community of Tyonek, and now the garden has grown to produce enough food for Anchorage customers as well! The project has grown from a forested plot, into a 1.5 acre operation with two high tunnels (48ftx22ft), solar powered irrigation and ventilation systems, 15 outdoor raised beds, over 2,500 row feet of potatoes and mixed vegetable crops, perennial fruits, and annual jobs for both youth and adults.

Youth Involvement:
Students at the local school have been engaged in every step of the gardening process from planting and caring for seeds in the school in late winter, transplanting them into the garden in spring, turning in soil amendments, weeding, harvesting, to produce distribution. In the spring, the community gathers to bless the garden's first planting by the students as they bring their transplants from the school to the garden and plant them into the high tunnel soil.
Students then start off their school year by helping harvest potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, and more and celebrate with a community harvest celebration.

Tyonek elders recieve weekly donated garden produce through the Village's Elder's Lunch Program and receive a share of potatoes in the fall.

You can help support this program and receive delicious off-road Alaskan vegetables by becoming one of our Anchorage customers!
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We believe in ecosystem and community health. The Tyonek Garden in managed organically, but we are not certified organic growers. However, all fertilizers are organic and we utilize composting and cover cropping to increase the sustainability of our nutrient cycling and soil health. Herbicides and pesticides have not been used in the Tyonek Garden as we use intercropping and weed suppression techniques to avoid problems as best we can.

We believe in sustainability. All energy required for irrigation and ventilation is powered by solar energy. We use drip line irrigation for water conservation and to ensure food safety practices.

We believe in growing growers. Education is a very big part of our practice as we frequently have young people volunteering, working, or engaged in an educational activities in the garden.