Blood Sweat & Food Farms LLC
Contact: Jenni Medley, Aryn Young, Beau Burgess, Tony Burgess
Address: PO Box 2311 Homer, AK, 99603
Email Address:
Phone: 907-435-0551
About Us
At Blood Sweat & Food Farms, food has names like chicken, duck, egg, goose, pig, and carrot. If you and your family like farm-fresh, heritage hogs or the idea of a Christmas goose that lived life under the sun and the shade of the spruce branches, then we’ve got the groceries for you! Blood Sweat & Food Farms (BSF) was founded by four friends who believe in one thing: great food! No BS; from the soil with water and love as God, Krishna and the Flying Spaghetti Monster intended. We raise pastured hogs, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, and turkey; sell hand collected farm fresh chicken and duck eggs, and grow a variety of seasonal greens and vegetables. Check out our facebook page @bloodsweatfood or our website at You can also give us a call at 907-435-0551 to learn more about our farm. We have an open door policy and we want our customers to experience the satisfaction and abundance that comes from seeing life be treated like, well, life. Happy and healthy critters and plants are essential ingredients for happy, healthy people.

What makes our food so great? Well, it starts with great soil. From the first moment we touch a field or forest, and long before we plant our high tunnels or year-round aquaponics system, we’re working to build sensational soil. One of the best ways to do this is to use animals as nature intended. Pigs love to root in the ground and are fanatical about eating horsetail – yes horsetail! Ducks are always on the lookout for slugs and little weeds. Geese will trim the verge like nobody’s business. You know that T-Rex in Jurassic Park? Geese look at greens the way T-Rex looks at you. While all these critters are out and about, food is going in one end and you-know-what is coming out the other. That’s right, poop –gorgeous, perfect poop. What is usually a waste stream in large concentrated industrial agriculture (CAFOs, feed lots, and egg factories), causing horrible toxic problems for people and the environment, is actually a resource when used and distributed properly over living soil. Add a sprinkle of fish, seaweed and woodchip compost to the field, and we’re talking about healthy soil and happy plants. We can grow some amazing greens with our pasture-perfected soil. Your taste buds will agree.