Jakolof Bay Oyster Co
Contact: Frank and Margo Reveil
Address: PO Box 3487 Homer, AK, 99603
Email Address:
Phone: 907-299-3351
About Us
Welcome to Jakolof Bay Oyster Co. Our oysters are in prime condition, plump, clean and firm, a benefit of slow, pristine, cold-water growth that prevents spawning, and keeps bacteria that plague warm water oysters at bay. We are a small farm in Jakolof Bay, 7 miles south of Homer across Kachemak Bay.
We cultivate the oysters in suspended gear, in water cold enough that these pacific oysters don't spawn. Jakolof Bay’s strong currents can rip gear apart, moving whole trees as fast as a skiff, but they also bring massive quantities of an oyster’s favorite foods right past their little lips. In the summer before harvesting we move the mature oysters into flat nets in algae rich inter-tidal waters for hardening. As the extreme tides of this zone move in and out, the previously pampered oysters learn to protect themselves basking on the beach, opening and closing with the tides. This beach hardening exercises their muscles, building fit stock ready for travel. Maybe it’s the fasting between tides, or maybe it’s the algae rich bottom, or maybe the warmth of the beach appeals to their metabolisms, but this hardening process also makes for plumper tastier oysters.