Chugach Farm
Address: POB 1223 Chickaloon, AK, 99674
Email Address:
Phone: 907-746-4566
About Us
Chugach Farm is an off-grid,wood powered, diversified, rural homestead in Chickaloon, Alaska. All aspects of the farm are an extension of our lives, diet and methods, including permaculture. At CF you can find local wild harvesting, hunting, fishing, food preservation, fermentation, nurturing the soil, composting, animal rotation, cover cropping, greenhouses, use of high tunnel season extension, and wood milling. We are focused on growing nutrient dense, off-grid, human powered, beyond organic vegetables, fruit, and medicinal and culinary herbs. We also raise chickens, ducks, and pigs, and incorporate them into our diversified animal-crop rotations to build the best soil nutrition possible.

We grow bio-intensively on a very small 1 acre plot that is an extension of our cabin and lives. We live in the center of our production area, where we live and breath the farm. We also raise chickens, ducks, pigs, and sometimes bees.

Our commercial sales consist of proven recipes, products, foods and vegetables that we live on, and extend to you. We hope you enjoy what we have to share with you!

If you are interested in our value added products, like Kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented foods, herbal medicinal vinegars, or homestead holistics herbal medicine products, please contact us directly.

You can find us at the Spenard Farmer's Market on Saturday's in Anchorage, at local street corners in Palmer delivering to our close-knit customers, and you can find our greens and veggies at restaurants in Anchorage, remote fishing lodges, and at various establishments in the Matanuska Valley.

You can find us on facebook, and contact us at We look forward to meeting you!
Nutrient-dense, off grid, human powered (we use broadforks, not tractors), no till to improve soil tilth, encourage microbial communities, animal crop rotation, use pigs to clear and transform forest to farmland, cover cropping and chicken tractors, extensive compost-centric based systems. NO chemicals,no pesticides, no herbicides, no antibiotics, no corn, no soy.