Stellaria Trial Garden
Address: P.O. Box 131 Kasilof, AK, 99610
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Phone: 907-598-8118
About Us
My name is Lora and I am a longtime gardener located in Kasilof, AK. In 2013 I obtained my Basic Permaculture Design Certificate in Homer, AK through the Permaculture Institute of North America. Stellaria Trial Garden is both a small business and an independent research project on growing herbs and plants in our northern latitude. In order to fund my work I will be selling culinary herbs, herb/vegetable starts, perennial plants, micro-greens and more. All proceeds go toward my regenerative farming practice and continuing self education.

We follow the guiding principles of Permaculture and adapt them to our specific conditions in order to grow the healthiest most nutritious foods. Because this is an agricultural practice our main focus is on soil microbiology, the complex web of life that plants rely on for optimal health. By feeding our living soil and making this our #1 priority we gain fertility by the year rather then deplete it the way industrialized systems do. The more we study, nurture and mimic these living systems the more we can tap into Earth's generous and natural abundance. We utilize low tech., human scale solutions and practice historically proven and traditional growing techniques.

We engage in seed saving and animal husbandry and are working on acclimating plants and chickens to our specific conditions. These plants and animals have become important aspects of our home economy. We take notes, ask questions, and conduct ongoing research.

We respect our land and leave most of it wild in order to preserve native species and maintain natural habitats. We cultivate as many native species as possible in order to feed and protect native insects. We take our human influence and relationship with the land seriously and strive to be stewards not thieves. We hope to create an example of a human establishment that displays our symbiotic relationship with the planet we live on. We readily volunteer what we've learned through our studies here on the farm and encourage others to study and learn about growing food in the north. We practice co-operation over competition and strive for zero waste. Earth care, people care, fair share.