Snowshoe Hollow Farm
Contact: Christina Castellanos
City: Homer, AK, 99603
Email Address:
Phone: 907-226-2280
About Us
Snowshoe Hollow Farm is a small one woman, one horse-powered diversified vegetable and fiber farm operation in the Diamond Ridge hills. We grow a variety of food crops, starting the season extra early with cool season, nutrient-dense greens, and taking a special interest in later plantings of pumpkins, artichokes and milling corn.

I have a lovely menagerie of animal farm helpers and friends here. I keep Angora Rabbits for fiber, as well as Nigora fiber goats, who also have the job of opening up new land and weed control, using their superior munching talents. Our goats also play the important role of herd companions to my single draft pony, Ginger, whose jobs on our farm continue to increase as we learn the ropes together of using draft animal power on a small market farm. Additionally, all these animal helpers/friends are contributing an important main component in what makes our soil super healthy and rich!
My growing methods include many biodynamic and permaculture techniques. I try to work with and mimic nature and it's rhythms to grow sustainably and in a way that gives more back to the soil than it takes out. Only completely natural means are used here. Properly aged horse, goat, rabbit and poultry manures for soil building and rich fertility. Never have I used any chemical pesticide, herbicide, or spray. I use certified organic seed for nearly all of the food crops I grow.

By working with my little horse Ginger as a team on everything from clearing woods, to hauling manure, compost, logs, and cultivating the vegetable field, my goal is to be gentle on my land and have as many of my working hours with Ginger to grow lots of healthy plants and vegetables while creating the tiniest carbon footprint.