Stoked Beekeeping
City: Homer, AK, 99603
Email Address:
Phone: 424-558-1015
About Us
Stoked is a family run beekeeping company based out of the beautiful coastal community of Homer, Alaska. Started in 2015 with a single beehive, we now operate around 150 beehives among southcentral Alaska’s pristine subalpine meadows. James and Ana Reid are the complimentary sibling duo who run Stoked.

We named our company “Stoked” in accordance with our love for the natural world. We look to use our company as a catalyst to stoke the flames of passion and self discovery in connection to nature. Outdoor education and wilderness immersion have been a large part of our upbringing. We have found significant value in the dynamic ability that nature has to teach, heal, and inspire the best in us.
As our scope and abilities develop along this stellar journey, we’re Stoked to be able to provide Premium Alaskan honey, quality experiences, and innovative products to our human hive! On behalf of the Stoked team we would like to express our gratitude for the continued support and encouragement from our community in Alaska and Pacific Northwest!