Alaska Herbal Solutions, LLC
Address: PO Box 1987 Soldotna, AK, 99669
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Phone: 907-202-4822
About Us
Take back your health with products made from natural ingredients that grow in Alaska!
If you're looking to take care of yourself in a more natural way, Alaska Herbal Solutions products can help in various ways so that you live your best life.
Alaska Herbal Solutions is focused on making products that help you using only ingredients that grow in Alaska. This keeps the ingredient list down so you know what you're getting in your product. Not all ingredients are native to Alaska, but they easily grow here.
All of these products are certified Made In Alaska.
Over half of the ingredients are wild-harvested right here on the Kenai Peninsula.
Ingredients are sustainably harvested from areas that have many of the plant that is being collected and one out of three, at the most. They are not listed as such because sometimes the source does change based on what has been able to be harvested.
What cannot be harvested is bought from either Alaskan Boreal Herb Shop (where a lot is also sustainably harvested), or Mountain Rose Herbs. There is also in the works a deal with local growers to grow what cannot easily be found in the wild.