Kenai Wild Salmon Co.
Contact: Chuck Lindsay & Stephanie Schmit
Address: PO Box 15428 Fritz Creek, AK, 99603
Email Address:
Phone: 907-399-2174
About Us
Chuck and Stephanie are two commercial fishermen who drift gillnet for salmon from a boat in Cook Inlet. We catch and deliver fresh, whole salmon and also sell frozen fillets or portions. Kenai Wild Salmon Co. operates during late June, July and early August. We love connecting Alaskans with local, sustainable, wild salmon.
Our fishery is located close to the road system, which allows us to quickly offload premium, bled and iced salmon and deliver them to you within hours of catching them. We sell whole (gutted), fresh fish and we have a custom processor fillet, vacuum package and freeze our salmon fillets and portions. Our salmon are caught in the ocean waters of Cook Inlet using a 32-foot boat and drift gillnet. All species of salmon are harvested by this method, but we primarily catch sockeye (red) salmon. Alaska's long-term fishery management ensures that our state's unmatched salmon resources can be enjoyed for generations to come.