Bridge Creek Birch Syrup
Contact: Jake & Anna
Address: 63654 Estate Dr. Homer, AK, 99603
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Phone: 907-299-6599
About Us
Bridge Creek Birch Syrup is 100% pure birch syrup handcrafted in Homer, Alaska. Our syrup is made from nothing but pure birch sap which we concentrate in a wood-fired evaporator. We harvest sap from Homer birch trees each spring. It takes around 110 gallons of birch sap to concentrate down to 1 gallon of birch syrup!

This natural sweetener has a bold sweet/savory and unique flavor which tastes great on just about any foods. While extremely tasty on vanilla ice cream, we encourage you to experiment with birch syrup in every culinary feat including meat marinades to salad dressings to breakfast/coffee sweeteners.
We are happy to fulfill our small community of Homer with this two-time International award-winning taste of birch!

We hope you love it like we do,
Jake and Anna